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General Meet Information (Rules, Season, Order of Events)

General Meet Information (Rules, Season, Order of Events)

See “Swim Meets” under home page for the specific meet schedule


  • High school swimming is a TEAM SPORT. All scheduled swimmers/divers are required to attend all meets for the duration of the meet.
  • The coach must approve absences from meets a week in advance. You must submit in writing the reason for your absence at least one week in advance (7days), before the scheduled day of the meet. It will be up to the discretion of the coaches whether the absence is excused or not.
  • If for any reason a swimmer or diver cannot attend a meet, the swimmer must have their lane coach’s approval by 7:20 a.m. on the MONDAY before the meet. Coaches spend hours entering athletes in the meet. If a student does not communicate their absence, they will be put on probation and most likely removed from the team. If there is a sudden illness or family emergency on the day of the meet, contact your lane coach ASAP. Divers call Coach Price-Kerr at 770 597-6117. Attending at least one high school practice per week is required, even if the diver dives ADA.
  • Swimmers/divers who miss their assigned events or who choose not to swim without coach approval will be suspended from participating in meets for a length of time determined by the coaches.
  • Please respect all facilities during the meet.
  • Only water is allowed on deck – NO FOOD!
  • Athletes may not leave personal belongings in the locker room without a lock; please plan on keeping all personal items with you on deck.



General Season Dates

  • The swim/dive season begins on Mon., October 20, 2014 with tryouts. The first practice is Oct. 21 and season ends with state finals in February. During the season, we will participate in meets and one invitational meet. Dual, tri, and quad meets are scheduled to last 2-3 hours. Swimmers/divers must show up and check in with a coach or manager by the time designated by the coach. The invitational meet is longer. The Clody Invitational is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014. Swimmers/divers will be notified of attendance requirements and other requirements for these meets well in advance.
  • The County Meet will be held at West Gwinnett Aquatics Center January 22-24, 2014. The boys’ prelims will be held Thursday, Jan. 22. The girls’ prelims will be held Friday, Jan. 23. The finals will be held Saturday, Jan. 24, 2014. All swimmers that have county qualifying times will be entered in this meet.
  • The boys County Diving Finals will be held on Wed., Jan. 21, 3-9 p.m. at Mountain Park. The girls Diving Finals will be held on Saturday, Jan. 24, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Mountain Park.
  • The State Swim Meet will be held at Georgia Tech on Feb. 5-7. The exact time for the state diving meet will be published in January.

Meet start times can vary depending on the number of teams participating. On the swim meet tab of the front of the website, times listed are initial warm-up times.

Order of Events & Maximums

A swimmer is allowed to enter a maximum of four (4) events in any meet, no more than two (2) of which may be individual events. Diving counts as one (1) individual event in a combined meet.

200-yard medley relay

200-yard freestyle

200-yard individual medley

50-yard freestyle

Diving (six dives)

100-yard butterfly

100-yard freestyle

500-yard freestyle

200-yard freestyle relay

100-yard backstroke

100-yard breaststroke

400-yard freestyle relay

Diving competition, when part of the meet, may be held prior to the swimming events, after the 50-yard freestyle or after the swimming events. Men will precede women in all events. The order of events is subject to change after the season begins.

Because of the team size, swimmers may not be entered in 2-individual events for every meet. Every attempt will be made to enter as many swimmers as possible. Swimmers may request particular events by submitting written notices to coach up to the entry deadline. The coach will make the final decision. For several events, more than one heat will be seeded. When there is more than one heat for an event, only swimmers in the first heat will score points. Times for subsequent heats do count for county, state, and letter purposes.

All swimmers are responsible for removing any jewelry before entering the pool. This includes hair bands or any other bands worn on the wrist. A swimmer will be disqualified for wearing jewelry during an event.

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