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Dues and Fees

The National Federation of High School Swimming and Diving governs high school swimming. It is organized and operated by individual booster clubs. The Gwinnett County Swim & Dive Booster Club does all of the scheduling, pool reservations, hiring of officials, and data management for all teams in Gwinnett County. Our Norcross boosters support our team by supplying volunteers at meets, distributing uniforms and spirit wear, providing athletes with team caps and tee shirts, and generally supporting the team and coaches with anything they need. In order to provide this support, our club collects a $300 registration fee plus a $150 volunteer deposit. The breakdown of fees is as follows:

  1. $115 – goes to Gwinnett County Booster Club to pay for the use of competition pools, practice pools, lane lines, paid officials, computers, and software used at meets.
  2. $185 – goes to our Norcross High School Booster Club to help pay for scholarships, supplies, stopwatches, team tee shirts and caps for all swimmers and divers, coach gifts, banquet facilities, team socials, championship meet meals, and tee shirts for state qualifiers.
  3. $150 volunteer deposit – this is collected as a separate check so the checks can be shredded upon completion of the parent volunteer requirement. The check will only be deposited if the volunteer requirement is not met by the end of the season. The volunteer requirement for families with one swimmer is to fulfill volunteer opportunities totaling 5 points. For families with two or more swimmers, 6 points fulfills the requirement.
  4. In addition to these fees, a team swimsuit and warm-up jacket must be purchased when a new swimmer joins the team. Other spirit wear items offered by the team, such as sweatshirts and duffel bags, are optional. These can be ordered on registration night.
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