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Athlete Code of Conduct

Norcross High School

Swim & Dive Team


Representatives – Swimmers and divers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. During the season you serve as a team representative to your peers and the Norcross community. As such a representative, proper conduct must be shown at all times during the season. This includes school related activities and non-school related activities. Individuals may be removed from the team if they engage in conduct that reflects poorly on the team.

Examples of Misconduct:

-Impoliteness and boisterous behavior are not permitted

-Zero Tolerance for alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drug use

Consequences for Misconduct:

The coaches, based on severity of misconduct, will determine discipline for misconduct. Discipline consequences may be removal from meet, team probation, suspension, or removal from the team.

Meet Expectations Practice Expectations

  • shows team support 
  • displays a positive attitude
  • cheers for teammates 
  • gets in the water on time
  • restricts phone usage 
  • follows directions of the coach
  • arrives on time 
  • shows respect for others
  • stays on deck
  • does not leave early
  • wears team uniform



  • All team members are expected to attend ALL scheduled practices throughout the season. You must let coach know beforehand if you are going to miss practice.
  • Excused: too sick to attend school, doctor appointment (must have note)
  • Not Excused: club activities, rehearsal for plays, school pageants, school work, saving a project until the last minute, just didn’t feel good
  • If you have a conflict that is not listed here, you MUST speak to a coach directly to decide a plan of action.
  • If school is cancelled, there will be NO practice.
  • USS swimmers may attend their USS practices in lieu of high school practices. The same attendance requirements will apply to these practices as are being applied to the Norcross practices.
  • Swimmers will practice Monday – Friday from 2:45 – 4:15 at the West Gwinnett Aquatic Center beginning Wednesday October 14. New potential swimmers tryouts are Tuesday October 13. Friday practices will not be held when there is a Friday meet scheduled. The coaches will notify swimmers in advance of cancelled Friday practices. Everyone who wishes to compete for NHS this season must attend all practices unless otherwise arranged with Coach Pitt or Coach Murphy. 
  • A swimmer must swim at least 45 minutes of a given practice to be counted as present at the practice.
  • If you are a club swimmer, you are expected to be at all of your team’s practices, unless attending high school practice.
  • If you are committed to a NHS fall sport you must fulfill that commitment and are expected to join us as soon as your season ends.


Swimming and Diving: to earn a letter the swimmer/diver must be an eligible and ACTIVE team member the entire season and meet ALL of the following qualifications.


A. Attend at least 85% of all scheduled workouts. Swimmers will be required to swim in 7 out of 12 (70%) holiday practices. Exceptions are only made at the coaches’ discretion.

B. If a swimmer or diver chooses to attend USS swimming or diving practices, then they must meet the same practice requirements as those attending the scheduled high school workouts. All divers and USS swimmers must attend all of the scheduled meets.

  1. Attend all scheduled meets unless approved by the coach. Swimmers and divers are not required to attend meets that they are not entered in although they are welcomed to attend. All qualifying team members must attend the County Meet and the State Meet.
  2. A swimmer can have NO unexcused meet absences.
  3. Qualify in at least one of the following:

A.Qualify for the state meet. Time from dual/tri meet will fulfill this requirement.

B.Meet adjusted time qualifications as stated below. These apply to individual events only. State and lettering times must be met in a high school varsity meet.

C. Be a senior who has been an active team member for four years of your school swimming career.

Managers: To earn a letter the manger must:

1. Attend at least 85% of the scheduled swim practices.

2. Attend and assist at all meets for the entire meet unless approved by the coach.

3. Demonstrate a willingness to assist the coach when needed.

2019 – 2020 High School Lettering – Swimming & Diving

State Qualifying Times Earning a Letter
1:51 2:07 200 MEDLEY RELAY
1:55 2:07 200 FREE 2:07 2:19
2:12 2:24 200 IM 2:28 2:40
23.5 26.5 50 FREE 25.5 28.5
58.00 1:05 100 FLY 1:09 1:16
52.00 58.50 100 FREE 57.00 1:04
5:20 5:40 500 FREE 6:00 6:20
1:40 1:53 200 FREE


1:00 1:06 100 BACK 1:10 1:16
1:07 1:15 100 BREAST 1:14 1:22
3:44 4:12 400 FREE


200 (10.4 dd) 200 (10.4 dd) 6 DIVES 130 130
270 (12.0 dd) 270 (11.5 dd) 11 DIVES 200 200

If the swimmer/diver meets the above criteria, final determination of letter eligibility is made by the coaches at their discretion. If a letter is earned during the season, the athlete will receive a certificate at the annual awards banquet. Letters and letter jackets may be purchased at the school store or directly from the vendor at designated times throughout the year as announced by the Athletic Director. Students should watch the morning news for dates of these fittings. For subsequent letters earned, a bar pin will be awarded to be placed on the letter.

I, _________________________, have read the code of conduct and the requirements for earning a varsity letter and fully understand them.

_________________________ _________________________

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